Our services

We provide a range of complementary services designed to help entrepreneurs from all business sizes and sectors.

Due to our own extensive experience as entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs and we strive to find the best solutions for their evolving business needs.

Business Consulting

Our business consultants focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities through-out the life cycle of their companies.

We strive to provide a wide variety of innovative and customized solutions for the Strategic & Operational challenges facing our clients.


  • Project evaluation
  • Company creation
  • Business Plans
  • Fund raising assistance
  • Networking

Corporate Development

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Business Plans
  • Transition management
  • Turnaround management
  • Succession planning

Performance Improvement

  • Flash diagnostic
  • Lean management
  • Cost accounting
  • Cockpit charts
  • Risk management


With the ever increasing legislation requirements, we offer a pragmatic approach to your internal and external audit needs (through our extensive network of partners), aswell as addressing key Corporate Governance issues.

External Audit

  • Audit of companies in line with Swiss auditing standards NCQ1 & NAS 220
  • Audit mandates for the purposes of
    special reports
  • Audits of private companies, public institutions and foundations
  • Forensic accounting, expert opinions for courts

Internal Audit

  • Implementation of Internal Control Systems
  • Best practices
  • Risk management
  • Periodic audits

Corporate Governance

  • Best practices
  • Risk management
  • Periodic audits


Whilst you are building an amazing product, attracting new customers and increasing your sales, we are in the background helping with your back-office functions

Accounting Services

  • Book keeping
  • Supplier payments
  • Payroll management
  • Digitalization services
  • Reporting
  • Cash planning
  • Budgetary control
  • Consolidation in accordance with relevant standards

Tax Services

  • Tax declarations for individuals and corporations
  • VAT and other tax reporting for corporations
  • Tax planning advice
  • Restructuring & transformations
  • Stock option plans
  • Tax litigation support